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Share your emails
and contacts

With Labelizer you can share your Gmail address book and emails with all your
employees in a simple and efficient way.

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Shared Labels

If you want to share emails without having to forward them one by one, Labelizer is your solution! Simply create a shared label and specify with whom you want to share it. All emails tagged with the label will appear in your team mates' inboxes. Once you use a shared label, you will get all future emails tagged with that label.

Shared Contact Groups

Create shared contact groups and define with whom you want to share them. Smooth integration with Gmail allows users to manage their shared contacts directly from their Gmail contact manager. Shared Contacts appear as auto-complete suggestions in the To, CC or Bcc field of any email.

Extremely versatile uses

Use shared labels to assign tasks, e.g. "Assigned to John". Keep track which tasks are still open by using shared labels like "Todo: Open". See at a glance, where reply is still outstanding with labels like "Reply outstanding". Shared labels function as folders. Set up labels for your Marketing, HR, Finance or Accounting departments. Grant authorization for different sublabels individually.