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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are shared emails and contacts stored?

All emails and contacts remain in your and your domain user's Gmail accounts. We only copy them between your Gmail accounts and don't store them on our servers.

Do you access any content of my emails or contacts?

To copy emails and contacts between your user's accounts we need to be able to access them. We do not store them on our servers and only process anonymous meta data such as internal IDs to determine whether an message or contact has already been synchronized.

Do you store any sensitive data regarding my emails, contacts or users in your databases?

No! Since we don't open your email and contacts we can't store information about them. Basically, all relevant data that is stored in our databases can be seen in the member area. The most sensitive data might be the email addresses of your domain users as well as the names of your shared labels and shared contact groups. That's it - no emails, no contacts, no credit card information, no passwords.