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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my email to get shared?

The time for sharing an email can vary, depending on the current load of our servers. Usually sharing shouldn't take longer than a few minutes. In special cases it can take longer, e.g. if you label hundreds or even thousands of messages for one single user. In this case you can observe the progress in real time in your mailbox.

Do shared labels work with other mail clients like Outlook or Thunderbird?

Shared labels work with every mail client that supports Gmail labels. The mail client doesn't distinguish between a shared label and a normal label.

Gmail shows a shared label on my conversation, but not all of its mails are shared to other users!

If you add a shared label to a conversation it is added to all messages which are in this conversation at the moment. If another email is added to the conversation, it will not be labeled with the shared label automatically because of security reasons. Labelizer will not share a message if you don't specifically tell it to do so.
It may occur that someone replies to a conversation with an email that contains private information, which really shouldn't be shared.

Read more about how you can label new messages of a conversation in our Best Practice Guide.