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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Labelizer Gadget?

If you have a Google Apps account, you will also get access to our useful Labelizer Gadget. With our Gadget you can create permalinks to messages, auto-label a conversation and snooze emails.
Read more about it on our features overview.

Where can I get the Labelizer Gadget?

As a G Suite Administrator you can install our Labelizer Gadget via the Google Apps Marketplace for your domain.

Can I install the gadget if I use Labelizer with a Gmail account and not with a Google Apps account?

No, unfortunately Google doesn't allow an installation for regular Gmail accounts yet. However, Google has announced this feature for the near future.

Can I install the gadget only for a part of my domain users?

Yes, you need to create a separate sub organization in your Google Admin Console and install the Labelizer Gadget for this sub organization only.
Please refer to this article for further information.