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Frequently Asked Questions

I have installed Labelizer via Google Apps Marketplace but can't login

If you have already installed Labelizer via Google Chrome Webstore, but continuously get the error "Please sign up for Labelizer before trying to login!" when you try to login, please check whether you have enabled "API access" under Google Admin Console -> Security -> API Reference.

If enabling "API access" doesn't solve your problem, it is very likely that something went wrong while assigning permissions during your installation. To fix this problem, please navigate to Google Admin Console -> Apps -> Marketplace Apps -> Labelizer and check that "Data access" is "Granted". Then, explicitly turn Labelizer "ON for everyone" in the upper right dropdown (even if this option is already chosen) and confirm the appearing question. Finally, navigate to Google Admin Console -> Security -> Advanced Settings -> Manage OAuth Client Access and ensure that all permissions are granted to Labelizer.

If it still doesn't work, please contact our support.

Labelizer doesn't seem to work correctly

Keep in mind that your users need to accept the invitation to a shared label or contact group in order to sync it properly to all invited users.
Invited users who haven't accepted an invitation yet will be sent a reminder after 2 weeks. Also you can resend the invitation manually when viewing a shared label or shared contact group if needed.

Please make sure that Labelizer has access to your Gmail account. To do so try to log in to Labelizer and you will be asked permission to access your Gmail account when you log in for the first time or if Labelizer cannot access your account. Click 'Allow' to make sure that Labelizer can access your Gmail labels and contact groups.